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My Mom's Favorite Trip

Ana Caron

When I traveled to Guatemala for the first time I truly enjoyed this experience. My group ended up going to the capital of Guatemala for a seminar about how to improve your work ethic. This was my first experience in an air plane. I traveled from Honduras to Guatemala. When we arrived to Guatemala the boss man of the company met us at the airport to greet and take us to our hotel room. The hotel room was beautiful. It had the architecture type of the colonials also known as the Spaniards. It had a huge water fountain in the front and beautiful windows and balconies.

That night we had a wonderful dinner. I ended up eating a steak with onions, rice, avocado, and a salad on the side. I believe the drink was orange juice. We came back to our rooms to rest and get ready to learn the next day bright and early. The next morning we were all ready to go to the office. Someone came to pick us up in a car to take us to a 5 story building. All of the floors were immense. The place is called “Tecniseguros Guatemala”. I worked for the “Tecniseguros Honduras”. It was an insurance company. I worked in the department of life insurance. The next day we were in the office and I was with my work employees I believe it was three of us. We branched off with three different people to learn more about the new products and how they were using the new system. The computers had been updated and they were there to train us on how to use it. When the weekend came they took us to explore different parts of Guatemala. We went to the “Lago Atitlan” which is a big lake. The lake has two volcanos in the middle. In this area there are a lot of indigenous people who wear vivid colors. They had small houses with colors and everyone is attentive and willing to help.

Later on in the day we went in a big boat where we can see the birds, flowers, and the volcanos. There were little houses made of different colors, the water was as clear as can be. I will never forget about this trip that was so pretty. What I found interesting was that no boat can be around after 3pm because there is some type of tornado that occurs in the lake after 3pm. I am sure this is what makes the place so pretty.

We stayed in a hotel near “Lago Atitlan” but before we slept we went around town walking. Then we had a conference where the boss man spoke to all of us. At night we went to eat and it is similar to St. Augustine where there are a lot of people singing, playing guitar, and good food.

After we ate we came back to the hotel to sleep. The next morning we woke up early to drive back to the capital. It was quite the scenic route where we saw a lot of mountains and the beautiful sky.

Overall, this was my favorite trip. It had been the first time I had ever been on an airplane. We made a lot of beautiful memories on that trip while learning about the new system that was going to be implemented in the Honduras office.

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