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Spring 2021 Update

A lot has happened since the last update...

  • EMT Program

The EMT program was finished in early December right on time for the holidays. Overall, I would recommend everyone to take a similar course so that you can at least be somewhat similar with what you should do if you were in an emergency. At the clinical we did we were able to see a wide array of incidents from a stuck fishhook to someone using a power tool in places where they shouldn't be.

  • Emory Classes

This semester I took the second half of Hispanic Literature class (ENG 290W) an honestly amazing class where I learned a lot about culture and many writers who are underappreciated. One of those writers being Isidoro Armijo (I wrote the Wikipedia page for him).

I also took Business Economics (FIN 201), Data Analytics (ISOM 350), and Managerial Accounting (ACT 211) These were to satisfy my business school requirements.

The more science based classes were Chem Lab (CHEM 202L) and an undergraduate research class (SIRE 299). The research class is definitely something I recommend for someone who is new to research. We were even a part of a symposium!

Pictured above Maya Caron & Dr. Miranda Moore

  • Goizueta Business School

I was accepted into the Business School! I was also offered an internship working on a commission to advance the Emory community. The internship is named Emory Commission on Racial and Social Justice (CRSJ). I had one of my first exposures to the Private Equity side of business through the Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Club where my team won a case competition!

  • UCF Classes

This summer I hope to be able to get ahead by taking Physics 1 & 2 in the summer! I might take additional classes such as anatomy and physiology and microbiology as well later on.

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