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Spring 2023 Update

Spring Semester is wrapping up...

At the beginning of this semester, I was jobless because Project PEACH was ending & I had just gotten back from my semester abroad. I knew I had to find a job, so I went on the new portal called EagleOps (the new Handshake at Emory). I applied to over 15 positions, had around 5 interviews, and after 6 weeks of searching; I ended up choosing the Office of Spiritual & Religious Life, continuing with Emory's SHINE Exec, the Office of Study Abroad, and working remotely at the School of Medicine as an HR assistant. All of this to say that if you are looking for a job do not despair, keep applying and sooner or later you will find a position.

I decided to take a lighter course load because I had to work a lot this semester & study for the MCAT. Preparing to apply to medical school has also taken a lot of my time. Since there are many components to it.

  1. Take the AAMC Preview exam (similar to Casper)

  2. Find Letter of Recommendation writers

  3. Apply for the composite letter

  4. Write a rough draft of the personal statement

  5. Make a CV (I know this should have been something I continuously worked on over the years)

  6. Find a job for the summer

I am super excited for this summer and seeing how things go. If you put the work in, you will see results.

Good luck!

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