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My Experience Working at a Hospital During COVID-19

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Working at a hospital when you are still a teenager is a learning experience. You learn what the different rolls are and what the different jobs are actually like. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to work in the health care field.

During this time of uncertainty there has been many shortages in workers. We do not have the supplies, people, or enough time in our day to make sure everything gets done. When you are working in these conditions you have to ensure that you are prioritizing what gets done. It can get very hectic when multiple people are asking you to help with something but your plate is full. Many of the things that are occurring could have been avoided by hiring people.

We knew that there was a virus so why would you put a hiring freeze? Many nurses, techs, and doctors have called out due to having the virus. This puts a strain on everyone else who still goes into work. Now those who have contracted the virus stay home for ten days after they have their test results and are back to work on the 11th day. The hospital wants you not to get tested even if you have come into contact with someone who has had the virus unless you show symptoms. I found that odd because would that not cause the virus to spread if you are asymptomatic?

This is my experience at one hospital in Florida I am not sure how the virus is affecting other hospitals.

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